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Understand Negative Ion and Anti-Aging

by Sai Kit Yong December 17, 2017

Understand Negative Ion and Anti-Aging

Wrinkles, brown spots and the general aging of the skin are all problems that have forced the people, with age, to how to proceed. To address these problems, many people pass surgery and other painful procedures such as “want to succeed quickly. But what few people know is that surgery is not the only” quick “solution for look younger again. This is just great, and really is the one who introduces himself as “old” dangerous and can often be invaluable.

Today’s  Science and innovation worldwide in many anti-aging solutions that are quick and painless. One of them is the introduction of negative ion technology. So what are negative ions? When I ‘uses the term “negative ions” People call often do not know what I mean. Firstly, there are two types of ions: positive and negative. The positive ions are those that cause very bad skin and we all are aging more rapidly. They are the result of the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers, the environment in which we live today, the sun’s UV rays. In consequence of these positive ions, our skin begins to age and we get wrinkles and dark spots. On the other hand, negative ions are ions that are good for our bodies and our skin. This is the reason for the delicate skin of babies when they are born They are no more likely than positive ions and the surface of the skin is perfectly balanced with positive and negative ions. To fight against anti-aging, it has shown that positive and negative ions must be perfectly balanced skin. slow down with this perfect balance, not just the aging process, but also begin to soften wrinkles and dark spots or even disappear completely.

When negative ions are applied to the skin, it greatly improves blood circulation and penetrates deeply into the derma layer, and into the basic cell layer as well. This smooths out wrinkles, contracts and minimizes the sweat pores, and makes the skin supple. The stimulus of negative ions deeply massages face muscles and removes deep wrinkles. This creates a natural face lift effect.

Negion Face Massager

Negative Ions are created through nature's intrinsic power sources such as Waterfalls, Ocean Waves, Lightening and Sunlight that builds and electrical charge within the air.

These naturally formed particles have the ability to filter and purify the air of dust, smoke and other pollutants

that are harmful to our short- and longterm wellness of the body and mind. Negative ions also prevent acidification of the blood that is caused by the loss of electrons, thereby boosting the body's immunity and resistance to illness.

Added bonus? You will also feel increased energy levels, less fatigue from stress or long days and a more well balanced mental state!

he Importance of the Ion Channel in Cells

Each living cell is surrounded by a membrane which separates the world within the cell from the world outside the cell. In this membrane there are channels, through which the cell communicates with it's surroundings. These channels consist of single molecules or complexes of molecules and have the ability to allow passage of electrified atoms, that is ions. The regulation of ion channels influences the life of the cell and it's functions under normal and pathological conditions. 

There are a variety of theories that have come from research by Dr. Takada, Toho University's authority on negative ion treatments. These theories have become well known, not only in Japan, but globally. During his research on the Ionization phenomenon, Dr. Takada found that negative ion treatment had good effects on the physiological functions of a living body.

Let’s be clear about one thing. This is not some pseudo-science or a trumped-up product of marketing machinery – there is sound science supporting the benefits of negative ions. In fact, Columbia University studies revealed that negative ion relieve depression as effectively as antidepressant medications.

Therefore, the increase of negative ions in the environment is a way to improve health. By absorption through the skin, mucous membranes or lungs, negative ions can neutralize reactive oxygen and bad positive ions, restore normal operation of red blood cells, allowing the heart to restore a normal heartbeat, blood is slightly alkaline, maintain normal blood pressure, vascular smooth flow, the more robust bones , fatigue, breathing smoothly and so on.

Increase blood circulation
Negative ions can rejuvenate cells, ensure normal delivery of nutrients and oxygen to enhance waste discharge, enhance the cell's metabolism and make blood circulation naturally better

Blood Pressure
Negative ion effect on the parasympathetic, so blood pressure returned to normal.

Normal heartbeat
Negative ions can dilate the coronary artery, increase coronary blood flow and improve heart rate.

Alkaline Blood
After being exposed to negative ions blood calcium levels will slowly return to normal, the blood will be more alkaline.

Remove tiredness
Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, help to use oxygen efficiently, resulting in higher alertness, relieve tension and fatigue.

Strengthen bones
Anion content of the body increases, the ion permeability of the more active the cells, then the excess calcium in the blood runs make it easier to store calcium in bone, bone strength.

Breathe smoothly
Negative Ions improves the autonomic nervous system, so that we can breathe easier.

Negion Massager

Benefits of Using NEGION Negation Ion Face Massager:
1. Anti-Wrinkle
2. Reduce The Effect of Free Radical
3. Significantly improve the crow's feet
4. Reduce Eye Bags
5. Clean and Remove Bactericidal, Provide Antibacterial
6. Better Absorption of Essence

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Sai Kit Yong
Sai Kit Yong

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