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3 Colors LED Light Photon Therapy Facial SPA Treatment Mask

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3 Colors LED Light Photon Therapy Facial SPA Treatment Mask

1. 3-in-1 LED mask, use it for 10-20 mins before sleep.
2. LED photon therapy, comfortable warm light treatment.
3. Improve your skin health and beauty, the frame structure allows you wear it stably and comfortably.
4. For better results, apply moisturizing mask, face care lotion or cream on the face when using the device.
5. Speed up collagen renewal resulting whiter, tender skin.
6. Shrink pores, improve skin tone, increase skin elasticity.
7. Lightening pigments and Dilute freckle, redness, remove acne, inhabit bacterial.
8. Promote blood circulation, lock moisture in your skin.
9. Ideal beauty therapy tool at home, in the office, or when travel.
10. Easy to use with USB Charging

Red Light: 630nm-680nm

1. Whitening your skin and reduce fine lines.
2. Shrinking your pores and smooth your skin.
3. Improve problem skin and repairs blemished skin.
4. Lock Water and Supply Water to Skin, reduces skin sensitivity.
Blue Light: 420nm-460nm

1. Smooth skin, rejuvenates sensitive skin.
2. Increase skin elasticity, firming your skin.
3. For tender, dark, uneven color, wrinkles, rough pores, dry, dull and loose facial skin.
 Orange Light: 600nm-610nm 
1. Through the skin 3-5mm, strengthen your muscles and immune system.
2. Restores the balance of sensitive skin.
3. Increase skin elasticity, tighten skin.
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