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Shower Mate Aromatherapy Scented Negative Ion Shower Head

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Shower Mate Aromatherapy Scented Negative Ion Shower Head

Longing for a good and relaxing shower after a long day from work, a good workout or just after finished the household chores?

Immerse yourself with a refreshing shower when the flow of water passing through Shower Mate fill with Aroma anion ball and anion is negative ion which proofed to provide multiple benefits including boosts our energy levels, reinforces collagen production, strengthens our immune system, improves our blood circulation, increases mental energy, eliminate unwanted odor and many more.

Shower Mate makes your shower time healthy, revitalizing and refreshing with clean and odor free water all in an aroma scented bathroom.

Aroma therapy is a natural type of therapy. It help recover the balance of body and mind with scent and remedial effect of plants and to keep homeostasis. It uses aroma essential oil extracted from herbs and the origin of the scent is the treatment which heals the body and mind. When you take a shower, the Aroma infused water makes your exhausted body and mind relaxed so that you can enjoy ‘aroma therapy’ healing.

✓Aromatherapy can refresh, relieve nervous tension and stress, smooth the skin, help you for better sleep, and make people feel comfortable.

✓ Get smoother skin, reduce oil secretion, increase viability of cells, improve cleansing and prevent hair loss ,relax your mood.

✓ 30% increase in water pressure and almost double in water saving.

✓Suitable for men, women, children and even pets! Yes, your pet need a good shower too!

✓ Easy installation, this shower head is very easy to install simply by screwing it to a shower hose Specifications Type.

Made from Eco-Friendly PC Materials - Easy installation G1/2 interface fit most international standard bathroom shower hose.

Wait no more; for the health of your entire family, get Shower Mate for every bathroom in your house. Be hurry! Worldwide Free shipping for a limited time only. A new shower head has been pre-loaded with scented anion ball.

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