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Lunare™ Portable Blue Light Laser Pen Acne Wrinkle Removal

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Lunare™ Portable Blue Light Laser Pen Acne Wrinkle Removal


Promote Combination Of Protein And Bone Collagen, Activate The Skin, Tighten The Loosen Skin.
Effectively Inhibit Acne Bacillus And Improve Red Spot, Oily Skin And Heavy Sensitive Skin, Shirk Pore, Remove Acne.
Using The Specific 415nm Blue Light In The Visible Light To Kill The Bacteria In The Skin And Pores.
The Stability Of The 42 Degrees Heat Micro Electric Current Can Effectively Reduce The Grease Of Pimples, So That To Accelerate The Natural Die Of Pimples. 
Loose Skin Tightening, Pores Shrinking, Eliminate Acne Bacteria, It Has Great Effect On Oily Skin, Severe Allergic Skin And Red Spots.

Instructions For Use:
For Face: Long Press To Turn On The Wait For The Beep Sound , And It Will Turn Off Automatically After Two Minutes. For Same Skin Or Surface, It Should Takes 2 Minutes For Each Time Use, And Use It 3 Times / Day.
1) Press And Hold The Power Button For One Second Until The Device Starts Beeping.
2) Apply Directly On Clean Skin So That The Light Completely Surrounds The Acne.
3) Use For 2 Minutes. The Device Will Automatically Shut Down After 2 Minutes.
4) Use Three Times a Day Until The Acne Disappears.
If The Led Light Inside Stops Working, Just Replace The Battery To Continue Using. Available At Major Supermarket Kiosks
5)  If You Are Prompted To Replace The Battery, It May Shut Down Soon And Beep Three Times. Unscrew The Tail And Insert The Battery. Then Press The Button, Otherwise The Power Will Not Turn On.

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